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Simple Spring House Cleaning Checklist

An easy-to-tackle house cleaning checklist to get your home clean for spring and make it feel fresh all year!
As I picked up in attempt to pull our house together after a crazy weekend, I took a look around and realized
our house is filthy. What happened? Seriously, it’s as if it was overnight. Maybe it was the first glimpse of sunshine we’ve had in a while that shed a little light on it, but it’s time to whip this house into shape. I know so many of us are feeling trapped inside during the current situation, and that means it’s the perfect time to spring clean!
Black residue from our circle drive seems to find itself on our furniture, rugs and walls.
While it’s gloomy, wet, and cold and we are social distancing, I’m taking advantage and working through my house cleaning checklist. I thing spring cleaning is best done while you want (or need) to spend time indoors rather than when you finally get to experience beautiful spring weather. I’m sharing my printable house cleaning checklist in case your home needs a little TLC, too. (Please say I’m not the only one!) Today I’m joining friends Boxwood AvenueOur Oily House and Tidbits to share spring cleaning videos with you – we cover everything from a detailed list to tips and tricks and our favorite cleaners! We all have our cleaning routines, but more often than not, they just get the job done without hitting all the extras. I try to do a little deeper monthly cleaning, but even still, so many things are missed or I don’t achieve it in every room. That’s why in spring, I like to make a clean sweep from top to bottom to ensure it all gets done! These cleaning tasks are easy to knock off one by one as you have a few extra minutes or you can knock them all out in just a day or two. I have found that making a list not only makes them achievable, but provides a sense of accomplishment as well.

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